Pursuant to a joint venture with the Xiamen City government, KM created the city’s largest land reclamation development project to date. As the first mult-complex residential and commercial community, the Strait International Community covers over 200 hectares, with KM constructing over 960,000 sq m of land to build the residential and commercial area. The Xiamen City government focused on adding facilities to the complex such as leisure and cultural centres, consulates, schools, core financial centers, etc.
It is located in the south of Xiamen Bay, in the premium area of Nantaiwu Waterfront New City, with a breathtaking coastline of approximately 2 km.

Xiamen Strait International Bay is known as one of the largest upscale seaside leisure community in Xiamen with a combination of real estate such as sea view villas, high-end condominiums, leisure clubs, wetland park and beaches. The architectural, landscape and clubs designs were executed by leading global design firms.
It was completed in the late 1990s and is the only villa community in the south of Huandao Road in Xiamen Island with a unique fan-shape design. It is adjacent to the sea with each villa covering a land area of 400 square meters. Abounding with non-renewable natural resources coming with its unique location, Xiamen Pearl Bay Garden is still the leader in Xiamen’s luxury house market.
The latest and most current project of KMH, Strait International Landmark is a high-rise residential complex located in the downtown center of Xiamen City with a total construction area of 120,000 square meters.
In around 2008, the Group developed the first 5-star hotel in Shishi, Fujian, allowing hospitality to flourish in the city. Today, there are over 75 hotels in Shishi.

Jammy International Hotel is located in China's Fujian Quanzhou Jinjiang City, adjacent to the city’s international sports and theme park and the neighboring Chengdu western high-tech and industrial park. With over 345 suites, the hotel is situated in the prime location of Shishi, allowing easy access by all forms of transportation.